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Water Conservation And Native Plants Landscaping

For many homeowners in dry regions, the bulk of their water usage comes from tending to the needs of their moisture-hungry, non-native flowers and shrubs. If you are tired of wasting thousands of gallons of precious water on your landscaping, you can still have beautiful and easy-to-grow plants by raising drought-tolerant native species.

Drought-resistant native plants usually have a much deeper root systems than more moisture-dependent alien species. This allows them to go much farther Read more »

Treasures Every Country Home Needs For Easy Living

Living out in the country is a wonderful thing, especially for those who enjoy the outdoors. Of course, there are always things that can be done to make an experience more enjoyable. Here are a few things that those who live out in the country should have.

Good walking shoes or even boots are a must if you are going to enjoy strolling down country lanes and investigating wooded areas. The grass out in the country is often slippery and may contain hidden hazards, so strong footwear will help you to tread carefully.

Stock up on bug spray Read more »

Preparing Your Country Home For Winter

Anyone that has lived out in the country for any extended period of time may realize just how strenuous the cold winter months can be. In addition to the change in temperature, many components of the house may no longer be working properly for the change in the environment. These few steps will help anyone prepare their winter home before any major issues take place.

Sealing the home up properly is the first and one of the most important steps in this process. This includes checking all windows, doors, and vents for potential leaks that could damage the Read more »

Let The Fresh Country Air In With New Screens

Most people notice a change in their air when seasons switch from cold to warm. People who live in the country often open their windows at the first signs of spring to let in the fresh air. This can be accomplished by removing the storm windows and replacing them with new screens. Screens can also be used on storm doors so the main entrance door can be left open as. The air in the country is usually laden with the scents of Read more »

Sun Drying Your Laundry In The Fresh Air

Fresh air is good for everything, including laundry. In days gone by women never used dryers, but hung their clothes out in the fresh air to dry. Some countries do not even have dryers, they always hang their clothes outside.

Back in the early years up until around the late 60′s hanging the clothes out on the line was a way of life. When lives became hectic and people had less time, throwing clothes in a dryer was easier. Today, with the concern of rising electric prices and the desire to get back to a simpler lifestyle, people are again Read more »

Country Porches Add Extra Living Space To Your Home

There is nothing so refreshing as a summer breeze blowing across a comfortable country porch. Sitting outside with friends and family seem to make even the worst days at work seem worth the effort. Not only does a country porch add extra living space, but it adds wonderful memories.

Today’s homeowners have become more aware of the potential that outdoor living spaces have to offer. Gone are the days of the neglected backyard. Patios, decks, expansive gardens, and relaxing water features have increased our overall living space and our quality of Read more »

Creating Your Country Look Decor Kitchen

When a person is looking to remodel their home, one of the most exciting rooms to work on is the kitchen. The kitchen can be filled with endless possibilities of decorating ideas. For those who want to make the kitchen seem more homey and welcoming, decorating around a country themed dcor may be the best route to take. This theme can fit into any household, regardless of what the remainder of the house looks likes. Country dcor can be customized to anyone’s personal style and color preference. It does not have to be Read more »

Country Living And Finding Your Dream Destination

You’ve always lived the city or suburban life, and you’ve been surrounded by cars, markets and people ever since you can remember. However, as you age, you are starting to crave wide open spaces and the country life. You’ve finally decided it’s time to make a move. Before you purchase a home, decide how country you really want to go. Some areas out in the midwest, for example, are truly desolate, and you have to drive miles and miles between houses. However, there are Read more »